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We will never compromise the quality of our cakes and cupcakes. We source top quality chocolate, the best vanilla, and the best all round ingredients. You will not be disappointed. That is our promise to you. 


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flavours and fillings

MidNight Fantasy Chocolate Cake
This is our most popular flavour by far. As the suggests, this is a chocolate cake that is is almost “MidNight” black in colour due to the high cocoa content of the chocolate that we use (not synthetic chocolate powder). It has a full, mouthwatering chocolate taste. The cake is dense and moist and with leave any chocolate lover wanting more.

Wild Carrot Cake
Our second most popular flavour. This is a carrot cake with all the trimmings. Pinapple to sweeten it, cranberries soaked in citrus juice and rum until they are nice an plump and the perfect combination of spices and pecan nuts. If something a bit more savoury  appeals to you, this is the cake for you. It goes well with cream cheese frosting as it does with vanilla butter cream. Carrot cake is not suitable for carved cakes.  

Luscious Vanilla Cake
This cake is a family traditional cake and moist. We sourced the best vanilla used in this recipe that smells like the tropics.   

Sunset Red Velvet Cake
Our Red Velvet cake is delicious and you should be eating it. Buttermilk, a hint of cocoa to give the cake a subtle, yet distinctive flavour that is not quite chocolate and not quite plain vanilla. The cake has a dark red appearance on the inside

Zesty Lemon Cake
This is perfect cake for warmer weather celebrations. The cake is light and moist, dotted with lemon zest and flavoured with fresh squeezed juice. This tasty lemon cake pairs well with all kinds of fruit fillings as well as lemon curd. It will give your guests a burst of flavour that will awaken their taste buds.

 Fruits Of The Forest Tradition Fruit Cake
Our fruit cake contains first grade selected dried fruit including glazed cherries and nuts. No short cuts taken. The fruit is soaked in brandy before baking. Baked to a perfect texture and moist. After baking soaked in brandy. If you’re a lover of traditional fruit cake, then this one is for you.   


Fuit Purees
Mango, Passionfruit, Blackcurrant, Lychee, White Peach, Guava, Morello Cherry, Pear, Apricot.

Raspberry, Strawberry, Apricot, Sour Cherry, Blackberry.

Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazelnut, Bar One.

Lemon, Key Lime, Pink Lemonade.

Other Fillings
Nutella, Dulche de Leche, Apple Terrine, Peanut Butter.

Icing on the Outside

This is used to cover the outside of cakes to provide a smooth, solid surface upon which to apply decoration. It gives a clean, sharp look to the cake, Different options are available for flavouring.

 Italian Meringue Buttercream
This is the preferred buttercream. It is extremely light in texture and not as sweet as buttercream found on most cakes produced in commercial bakkeries. It can be easily flavoured to match the cake an filling combination. 

This is the traditional buttercream most commonly used. The ingredients are simply, maimly butter and icing sugar. 

For those who cannot tolerate lactose or who want the light and fluffy look of meringue, this icing is for you.

Chocolate and cream, the perfect combination. For those wanting that extra indulgence of chocolate, try it on the outside of the cake as well as the inside.

Cream Cheese
Mailny reserved for carrot cakes. An extra zesty tang of lemon and orange. Not used in cakes covered with fondant.

Please note :While we can work on any flavour of cake, filling and frosting, we do not bake from client recipes nor do we decorate cakes we have not baked.

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