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We will never compromise the quality of our cakes and cupcakes. We source top quality chocolate, the best vanilla, and the best all round ingredients. You will not be disappointed. That is our promise to you. 


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cupcake parties

cupcake parties nelspruit

Cupcake parties are very popular type of cakes among all generation and especially among the young generation and the youth groups. In different occasions and events these are the best options to celebrate and easy to have. There are many reasons behind this world wide acceptance of this sweet treat.

Cupcakes are various in kinds as to have several shapes for every type of people. This basically offers a large variety of sizes and shapes that one can choose from. There is the giant cupcakes those are very popular through internet. Butterfly cupcakes that come with colourful wings that actually absolutely resemble a true butterfly are verily loved by the people. The cake ball that is generally coated with chocolate is used by several as a gift.

Parties, if you are looking for something a little different but well organized, professional and fun, “Cake Perfection” cupcake parties are suitable whatever you’re celebrating.

From children’s parties to a corporate team builder. a girly get together or a fund raising event. Each party is designed and planned with you so you can choose the theme and if you would rather choose an alternative to cupcakes we have lots og ideas from cookies to cake pops, the choice is yours. Visit us in Nelspruit, we would love to hear about your ideas.


nelspruit cupcakesnelspruit cupcakesnelspruit cupcakes

Kids love theme parties. How about a Pirate theme? This cake with 18 matching cupcakes was designed just for that! A pirate theme. It’s a great idea to combine a tradition cake with cupcakes. Everyone can then take a cupcake home as a “favourites” gift.

novelty party cakes nelspruit novelty party cakes nelspruit novelty part cakes nelspruit

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For more ideas simply click on our smiling baker below. If there is something you specifically like please download the image and mail it to us.
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